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Why Vote for Greg Conlon – his political Views

Greg Conlon is a potential candidate for California senate election on a republican ticket which will be held on November 8, 2016. His core belief is that we need to leave the world better than how we found it. Greg Conlon is a perfect candidate since he has kept his philosophy of giving back to the community. His capacity to serve California is well outlined with his vast experience as a businessman as well as a business consultant. Further; he has served in a better capacity before and delivered on his agenda. He has served non-profit agencies and has supported free enterprises to a large extent.

It’s well outlined that between 1994 to 1999 he was appointed as a commissioner in California Transportation Commission. He worked with International Public Accounting Firm and brought important major changes. He was able to deliver and change many lives. It’s beyond any reasonable doubt that his vast knowledge in the political arena and as a Certified Public Accountant he is a perfect candidate for this position. He believes that change is the only thing that is constant.Further; he believes that people should be given the widest expanse of participation in governance and politics.

He has an agenda of changing many aspects of the common challenges facing the people of California state and united states in general. He is promising to concentrate on the most important sectors of California from both a political and on economic basis .He will ensure there is provision of better health care, solve the housing crisis, better higher education, build a more stable economy, improve on energy and the environment .etc He has a strategy of solving the issues facing North Korea and how to win the war in Afghanistan. These issues will be his priority.

He promises to make a turnaround in the education industry in this case the higher education in his state. He plans to restructure education and make it unique to no other state or probably to no other nation. His area of interest is the University of California and other California state universities. He will ensure there are sufficient funds for a smooth learning and provision of better facilities. On the economic aspect of his state, he promises to better the tourism and aerospace industry. Further, he has a practical plan on how to he will create jobs by providing income tax incentives which will result to more than 2 million jobs. He plans to reduce the tax rate from 35% to 5%.

On the immigration issues, he has a plan on how to make sure that the borders are well secured with legal acquiring of visas. He believes if administrative expenses are balanced together with the federal budget, this will result to creation of more employment opportunities. Cutting costs on security issues and in the military will lead to a better and a stable economy. By securing the borders he will ensure people will not enter without a legal passports or visa. The country has 11 million illegal migrants whose visas have expired. He will play a big role in ensuring they get legal visas and work related permits.

Having proposed possible solutions to many potential issues facing California, Greg Conlon is the best candidate to vote for the senate seat.

Greg Conlon’s Biography and Early Life

Greg Conlon is not your average kind of guy; he is an all-round person with achievements across various aspects of life, including career, politics, and military service. He has worked in a Big 5 accounting firm for about three decades, and has also worked with a number of corporations to help streamline expenses, perform financial audits, and improve financial management.

Early Life and Education
Conlon was born February 3, 1933 in Chicago, Illinois. However, his home city is Atherton, California. He is currently widowed with 2 children. His educational achievements include J. D. Law Degree from University of San Francisco (law school). He also enrolled at University of California (Berkeley) for the Executive Education Program (Haas Business School), and holds a B.S. Accounting Degree in Business.

Government Jobs and Political Achievement
Conlon has worked with state government, most specifically California’s key agencies, as Commissioner for 4 years and President for two years on the California Public Utilities Commission. While Greg was uncontested in the June primary, Democrat Rich Gordon defeated him in the November 2, 2010, general election. In 2012, he ran for the Senate to represent California, but was defeated in the June 5 open primary. However, he did not give up. He got up again in 2014 and this time he was eyeing the state treasury docket and managed to secure a nomination in the June primary. There were two possible nominations and the other was scooped by John Chiang, a termed-out California Controller. However, Chiang defeated Conlon for the open seat in the November 4 general election. In 2016, Conlon sought election to the California U.S. Senate as a Republican candidate.

Non-Political Achievement
Conlon has also served in the U.S. Air Force as office and pilot, for 3 and 5 years, both active and inactive duty respectively. He also served in the Atherton Finance Committee as a chairperson, where he was appointed to assist in balancing California’s budget and in protecting its financial integrity. He has also helped ascertain the authenticity of the High Speed Rail Train, and that it is built in a manner that is environmentally acceptable.

It is no doubt that Greg Conlon has served across the board, including 12 years on Self Help, an organization concerned with social and health services for over 25, 000 San Francisco Bay senior citizens. He was also Board Member for five years in the Pineview Housing Project, where he contributed to the construction of an 80-unit low-income senior housing project.

As an advisory board member, he has consulted with school board members in regards to the Alameda Community Learning Center. He also offered his professional advice during the opening of the NEA Community Learning Center. These two schools had a combined student membership of about 700 students.

Senator Barbara Boxer’s retirement has got Conlon in the spotlight again, as he has decided to run for the position. If elected his objectives include reducing the size of government, resolving immigration issues, and providing private sector jobs. Greg is a very successful businessman with extensive work experience and his intentions include strengthening the U.S. economy for the benefit of all citizens and stakeholders.

Who is Greg Conlon?

Greg Conlon is a former US senate candidate. However, most people might not know a lot beyond this. This is a man who has offered his service in various sectors not just the political field. He has been a senior partner and CPA in a large accounting firm for over 30 years. During this time, he has worked with different corporations with the intention of performing financial audits, improving financial management and streamlining expenses. These are all to do with his career in the business field. How about his political career and political history?

Apart from having an excellent business career, he has also played a very important role in politics. Greg Conlon’s political career and political history has had its ups and downs but he has always served the people to the best of his ability. Greg has a lot of experience in the state government and has been a candidate in a number of elections. Governor Pete Wilson appointed Greg to offer his services in some of the most critical agencies based in California. He was also the president of California Public Utilities Commission for a period of 2 years and also served as a Commissioner for about 4 years. He was also a Commissioner in the California Transport Commission for a period of 2 years. Below are some of the elections he has been involved in.

2010 was the year in which Conlon was seen to start becoming active in the political field. In 2010, he was one of the candidates for the California State Assembly elections. In the June 8 primary, Greg Conlon was not contested by any candidate. However, this changed in the November elections, where he lost to Rich Gordon, a Democrat. However, this would not be the last time that Greg Conlon was seen in the political field trying to secure a position in government.

Greg Conlon was again seen in the public eye in the year 2012 when he was a candidate for the United States Senate Elections based in California. He started off on the right foot but was defeated in June 5 open primary.

In 2014, Greg Conlon was among the candidates running for State Treasurer. He was one of the nominated candidates in June 3rd 2014 primary. John Chiang was the other nominated candidate in the primary. In the general elections which were held in November 2014, it was John Chiang who won the elections and he became the State Treasurer.

In 2016, he also ran for the US state senate elections which were based in California. This was one of the toughest elections because there was a total of 34 candidates all hoping to secure the senate position. It was Kamala Harris and Loreta Sanchez who made it in the primaries. They now await the general elections where the winner will be announced.

Apart from serving the business sector and the government, Greg Conlon has also offered his services to the military. He served in the US Air Force as a pilot and officer. In total, he had 3 years of active duty and 5 of inactive duty.