Greg Conlon for State Treasurer

“California is in serious need of financial leadership that will cut government expense, restore the state’s financial health, and ensure a greater percentage of our tax dollars go toward funding for schools, roads, and public safety. We must act now to avoid a downward spiral in the financial position and management of our state funds. With your help I can put my 30 years of experience in business financial accounting matters, and years of public service in the critical areas of energy, transportation, and education, to work for the greater good of California.”

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New»» Greg Conlon TV Ad. Be the first to see and hear Greg Conlon’s message via this 30 second video clip. Greg’s message is strong, clear, and concise. This advertisement will be broadcast on cable telelvision in the near future. View Advertisement

Greg Conlon Interview. The California Channel recently conducted an interview with Greg Conlon. This interview will be broadcast statewide soon, but you don’t have to wait any longer! View Interview

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Update»» Orange County Register and Sacramento Bee Endorse Greg. We are proud to announce that recently both the Orange County Register and Sacramento Bee have decided to endorse Greg Conlon for the position of California State Treasurer. These outstanding media outlets are following the trend of prominent statewide and local organizations as well as individuals who have decided that Greg Conlon is the best choice for State Treasurer.
»OCRegister Article
»Sacramento Bee Article
»Who Endorses Greg?

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Latest Public Opinion Poll»» “Incumbent In Trouble.” The race is still tied folks! The latest public opinion poll shows that Greg Conlon is still in a statistical dead heat with his Democrat incumbent opponent. This time, however there is some very encouraging news about undecided voters! Read On